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I ran a my first session of Fellowship 2n Ed recently and setup was good and everyone is excited to play. There where a couple of things we stumbled on during setup:

1. It's very unclear who "The Squires" people are that they are supposed to be creating facts about. It's also tricky for the Squire to answer why they are in the Fellowship unless they go last.

2. The rules state that Bonds can be created with any named character but the Fellowship Playbooks states bonds should be made with Fellowship members.

3.  The Quickstart reference guide is Group Questions > Bonds > Rumours but Guided Establishment steps go Group Questions > Overlord Bonds > Rumours > Fellowship Bonds.

Seriously, not enough people talk about Fellowship and all the beautiful stories it can tell and all the different stories it is able to tell with ZERO modifications to its mechanics. Sponsored By Nobody has done some amazing Actual Plays with it that really demonstrate how flexible it can be. Absolutely a perfect purchase that tells all our favorite stories of hope and found family.


Just ran a session zero for this! Are there any cool fan communities you know of? Would love to see what other GMs have done with their games.

Sponsored By Nobody, a podcast, has done multiple actual plays with it in settings like Star Wars and Transformers... Can be used just as easily for a Steven Universe (fusions always roll with Hope, except when they don't.)

omg, apparently they did an AP inspired by The Protomen's discography. Definitely checking out this show. Thanks for the rec!

Has there been any jams or fan created content? I love this game so much and want to see if there are others that do too! Also, is there discord or reddit?

If there is fan-created content, nobody has told me about it! There have been a couple of started-on fan playbooks, but no finished or released ones.

There is no official subreddit or discord, but fellowship talk is fairly common in the Six Feats Under discord. If you have questions or just want to chat with other tabletop gamers, feel free to stop by:

I made a subreddit, come post your custom content here!

Why is this more expensive than DTRPG?

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It isn't? The PDF price on dtrpg is 15.95. Over here, it is 14.95. I took a dollar off because gives me a better cut. Even at a dollar less over here, I make more money per sale of PDFs than I do per DTRPG sale.

Unless you happened to buy it when it was DTRPG's deal of the day, Fellowship is cheaper over here.


Thank you so much for the free copy of 2nd edition!